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Controllable Video Generated

Powered by JST-1,
the first video-3d foundation model with actual physics understanding,
starting from iggle ai to
making any character move as you want.

How does Viggle work


You can `/mix` a character image into a motion



You can `/mix` a character image into a motion


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What is Viggle AI?

iggle ai enables users to craft stunning visual effects effortlessly. By analyzing movement patterns in video clips and merging them with pictures, it swiftly generates unique animations.

How does Viggle AI work?

Viggle AI employs the JST-1 machine learning model. It dissects movement patterns from video clips and seamlessly blends them with pictures, creating captivating animations.

What features does iggle ai offer?

iggle ai boasts three core features: Mix, which merges pictures with video clips; Animate, enabling basic animations from photos; and Ideate, which generates animations from text prompts.

How can I use Viggle to create personalized animations?

Simply join the Viggle Discord server, choose a channel, and employ commands like ‘/mix’ to blend your photo with a video clip, ‘/animate’ to animate photos, or ‘/ideate’ to create animations from text.

Is Viggle AI free to use?

Yes, Viggle AI is free, offering a plethora of creative possibilities for professionals and enthusiasts alike, ranging from social media content to dynamic presentations with iggle ai.